April 27, 2004

The web ring is up and running now. And already have a member. :) I think it will be a good one.

I've been working on a team of mice, that I have named "Wise Mice". I think they are so cute. I will probably put them up for grabs soon for others. I have been trying to think of different messages for them to say, that are motivating to weight loss. I would like to make a little Richard Simmons too. And maybe even a Dr. Phil. lol

Any way I still have a lot I want to do with my blog, like add some goals, and progress report charts. I will be working on that soon. For now I think I do have most if not all my graphics how I want them. Now I just have to work on getting the archives to match. They will come along slowly though. I do wish I would have been writing down my weight loss weekly some where permanent so I could make a chart each week since I started but it's just here and there, and only really kept well weekly since January. But, oh well I still want to make a chart.

Today I made mock fried cat fish. Using Pam in a skillet. It was really really good. This was my first time cooking fish I think. I have cooked crab legs, and shrimp many times. But I have to admit at home the fish is usually from a can or vacuum packed bag already cooked. When I was growing up my uncles used to fish a lot, and my grandma was the one who always cooked it. Then we had a grocery store where if you bought the fish from their fish counter, they would cook it for you. Any way you asked. You could choose up to 3 things they would put on it for you for free, then you could pay extra after that. I always chose Mrs. Dash, butter or lemon juice (depending if I was dieting or not.) and bread crumbs (again depending on if I was dieting or not. lol). They would cook it really fast in a convection oven, and then seal it really nicely in a tin foil box. And you could go home and eat it right away. And since it was free for them to do that, why mess up my kitchen, and learn to cook it in the first place. lol So I just always did that. So I have never cooked fish before. Although I knew from experience you didn't need to cook it for long. So I think it came out real well.

Remember my weigh ins are on Thursdays, so for sure come and check on my blog on those days. :)

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