March 12, 2005

I forgot to weigh in last week. But, no matter, I stayed the same last week and this week!

I am not discouraged by my lack of weight loss. But, I am concerned. I will be going to my Diabetic Dr, next month to be reevaluated, and see if she will discontinue my insulin completely. I will bring up to her, I want to have my thyroid checked. From the beginning of this journey I have lost very very slowly. I know slow is good, but my speed is not even what is in the average slowness. So if I do have thyroidproblems it would be good to know, and be able to work on that. In one way, I sure don't want to have more problems. But, in another way I kind of hope that is the problem cause at least I would know why my body is this slow.

I will continue to exercise and eat healthy no matter what though. It will just take me much longer then I had figured. But, that's ok, cause I am healthier now then I have ever been. And I am happier now then ever. So no matter how long it takes, it takes. And life will go on, and I will continue to live healthy. And eventually my body will have to give in, and give up the fat! lol :)

March 1, 2005

Hi Deanna, I am posting this just for you!

Please email me at and I will talk to you more! :)

I think you would be shocked at all the food I eat, and the vareity!

I eat all kinds of foods! Mainly JoAnna Lund recipes though.

Here's a quick run down,

Blueberry Bran Vitamuffin-100 calories, 4gms of fiber! VERY tasty! 1/2 banana. David Rio Chia Tea-45 claories a cup, sugar free, with splenda

Snack: Miss merignue Sugar Free Cookies

Cracker Barrel- 1/2 Grilled Trout, House salad, 1 biscuit with apple butter, 1 serving cabbage.

Snack: A few more Miss Merignue cookies (we were on the road in upstate ny)

Other half of grilled trout, 2 more servings of cabbage, another House salad, 1 1/2 biscuits with apple butter. (left overs from Cracker Barrel)

Snack: Walmart Fat Free Cherry Yogurt-90 calories.

Light English Muffin-90 calories, 5 gms of fiber. 1 Tb pumpkin butter! YUM! 1/2 banana. Cup David Rio Orca spice chia.

Coconut Fireside Coffee (1 gm fiber, 62 calories)

Florentine Meatloaf
A salad-lettuce, sweet beans, parm cheese, bacon bits, light ceaser dressing. (huge salad) Lemon Merignue Pie! (also on my website!)

1/2 banana

Outback Steak House-
Ceaser Salad, dressing on the side. (dipped into the dressing.) steamed mixed veggies, 3 lobster tails. About 1/3 loaf of the bread they bring out.

Missed my snack, cause we were gone! And dinner was a tad late.

Today, I will be having, probably the same breakfast as yesterday. For lunch will be the same as yesterdays lunch. And dinner will be A new kind of veggie meatloaf, salad, and blueberry pie. (all recipes on my site) Snacks will be fruit and yogurt.

I don't eat a ton of salad, this week I'm into them. Usually though I eat a lot of grilled veggies, I do on my GF grill, in the kitchen.

Go to my site, I have eaten all the recipes on there, and basically unless we eat out, it's what I eat every day.

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