June 24, 2004

I made it through vacation, and actually came home to a loss! I can't believe it! I lost 1.5 pounds! I am very happy with that. Vacation was great. We didn't stick to the original plan we had planned on, but I did pretty much stay on my plan for eating healthy, just not all the menus I made up. So I did good. I also found some great low cal cappucinos, and Chai teas, they are delish, fat free, sugar free and decaf. Fireside is the name of the coffees, and David Rio the name of the Chai's. YUM! Also I found some good soups that are low in cals, when I get them unpacked I will post the names of them too. Loved them. I had them all over Branson at almost all the little tea shops thinking I was cheating, but still trying to count them, then I read the lables and they were great! I also bought this prailene mustard sauce that is awesome, there was a ton of dips I wanted, but I just ended up with a few. I will deffinately be buying more next year. Loved those stores, especially Mulberry Mill, and Sulivans Mill. I will be posting pics soon too. So stay tuned!

This weeks Stats:

Highest Weight 252
Starting Weight(May 5th 2003) 252
Starting Weight for 2004 216.5
Before Vacation 191.5
Current Weight 190
Long Term Goal Weight 100
Goal Weight for Dec. 31st 2004 164
Total loss for 2003 35.5 pounds