May 28, 2005

YES, I have lost another half pound, bringing my total weight loss to 90 pounds! I am very excited about it!

Next week we go on vacation. I am hoping to be as successful on this vacation as I was last year. Maybe I will come home to another 2 pound loss like last year!

Here's my stats:
Starting Weight: 252
Last Weigh In: 162.5
This Week: 162
Goal Weight: 115
Dec. 31st Goal: 135

May 14, 2005

Well, I think what I did was right. I didn't want to post it on here, in case it flopped. But, almost 2 weeks ago I increased my calories. Cause the platue really was lasting a long time. And when I thought about things, my over all weight loss slowed down when I got to 199 pounds, and did what my plan said and lowered my calories from 1600 to 1400. That was the first month I only lost 3 pounds, and after that I never lost more then 3 pounds a month again, and slowly but surely stopped losing at all. In December at the end of the year, some friends wanted to do 1200 calories for a week, on Richard Simmons it's called blast off, to get a head start on the new year. I did that for a week, and low and behold that week I didn't lose a thing!!!!!! My body don't like too low of calories obviously. So any way back to what I was saying, 2 weeks ago I increased my calories back up to 1600 (which was a year ago when I went down to 1400) and ever since I have been losing again!!! So I am happy it worked!

I am happy I get to eat things now with 1600 I didn't want to waste my calories on before. lol Amazing how much more food you get with a extra 200 calories! lol I get banana nut bread! lol I love it! lol I wasn't hungry on 1400 calories. But, I wouldn't pick a dessert with more then 1 starch exchange, or more then 1 fruit exchange, the banana bread, is 1 starch, 1/2 a fruit, and 1 fat. But, mmmmmm it's worth it! lol And you get such a big slice. If you want to try it out the recipe is here- Easy Banana Nut Bread .

Also May 5th was my Health Anniversary! And I am very proud of myself for sticking with a program now for 2 years. I rarely could stick to one before for more then 2 weeks, once in a while I made it all the way to 2 months, but never a year, and I wouldn't have ever even contimplated 2 years. I always thought, I can't wait to get skinny then I can eat what I want. How crazy was that. But, I think that's what my grandma always thought too, and would say. When we get the weigh off we are going out to eat, etc etc. That would have put us back in the same boat we just struggled to get out of! So this time it's for life, and it really feels like it now too. I have deffinately made it a life style.

So finally for my stats:
Starting Weight: 252
Last Weigh In: 163
This Week: 162.5
Goal Weight: 115
Dec. 31st Goal: 135

May 7, 2005

I am finally down another half pound!!!!

Last Week: 163.5
This Week: 163
Goal Weight: 115

I hope I continue to stay off that bad ole platue! :)