April 29, 2004

I made my goal for the month! I lost 4 pounds this month.

Highest Weight 252
Starting Weight(May 5th 2003) 252
Starting Weight for 2004 216.5
Last Week 195
Current Weight 194
Long Term Goal Weight 100
Goal Weight for Dec. 31st 2004 164
Total loss for 2003 35.5 pounds

So I lost another pound this week! I am very pleased, and surprised! YEAH! That brings the total weight loss up to 58 pounds! Oh yeah, I am getting to close to the 60 pounds off mark it isn't funny! Could be with in 2 weeks!

I would just really like to lose 4 pounds in May. I hope I do. That would bring me down to 190 for our trip.

I hope every one else has as great a weigh in day as me!

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