May 27, 2004

Another weigh in. And my last for a few weeks, till we get back from vacation. I will how ever, add a new pic before we leave. I will probably add a new pic on Saturday.

I am hoping and praying I stick to my plan. We are going to a amusement park so it's going to be hard. But, I have planned and planned and planned. So I think I will be able to do this.

Yesterday I found a new Health food store for me. Trader Joe's. We didn't have these in Kansas. I have heard a lot of praises about Trader Joe's but didn't think they would be much different then other health food stores I've been to. I have went to health food stores literally my whole life. Well, I was impressed! I love Trader Joe's. They didn't have EVERY thing I needed, but they had a lot. And I am still amazed that health food in NYC is cheaper then in Kansas. For instance, I only eat Wonder/Better N' Peanut Butter, Peanut butter cause it's only 50 calories a tablespoon, when the lowest calorie low fat PB out at the store is 95 calories a tablespoon, plus it's low sodium. And the flavor is so concentrated you don't need very much at all. Any way in Kansas, I paid 6 dollars for a small jar, at Trader Joe's here in NYC, a big jar was only 2.99! I have found Vitamuffins, Robbin's Nest Cakes, La Tortillas, and Celestial Seasoning teas are all cheaper here then in Kansas too. Yet junk food, like mac and cheese, and hot dogs, are way way more expensive here in NYC. I am talking 10 times the price they are in Kansas. It's so weird how that is upside down, but at least it's to my advantage. Any how loved finding a new store. I also found at my regular Health food store, Your Weigh To Success, they had a new sugar free, carb free, fat free, calorie free Walden Farm's marshmellow cream. I can't wait to make a Fluffer Nutter using it, and the healthy pb. Your Weigh To Success has really started carrying a lot more things, and is looking much better.

So for the trip I got sugar free meriegnue cookies, lemon and Dulce Leche. The lemon are calorie free, the Dulce Leche are only 35 calories for 13 cookies! So I am taking them to eat when we are at the shows. (2 hour variety shows). And I will be getting some Walden Farms Ranch dip-calorie free, fat free, carb free, sugar free, with cucumber chips. For lunches we will mainly have wraps using La Tortillas, and sandwiches using light whole wheat bread. My mom found a bread that is only 40 cals a slice and 7 gms of fiber, I have to find this bread! We'll probably have turkey and cheese La Tortilla wraps, and fluffer nutters, and PB & J's with the bread. Then for dinner, we will have crock pot food every night. My mom has a camper trailer. So we will make the food in the am, and it will be ready for us when we come in from the park. So with this plan I think I will be able to stay on plan.

I hope I can lose some weight while away. But, I will be happy to just maintain while on vacation. Thankfully I've already went on 2 other vacations and made it fine on plan. But, none have been to a amusement park, can you say junk food and temptation! I think I will have to give in and have at least one turkey leg, and some succatash. I also love the calico potatoes (mixed sweet potatoes, with white potatoes and different kinds of potatoes, fried in a huge 6 foot accross cast iron skillet), but I will try to avoid them. lol

Any way time for the weigh in!

Highest Weight 252
Starting Weight(May 5th 2003) 252
Starting Weight for 2004 216.5
Last Week 192.5
Current Weight 191.5
Long Term Goal Weight 100
Goal Weight for Dec. 31st 2004 164
Total loss for 2003 35.5 pounds

I'm another pound lighter, YEAH! I was really hoping to lose another 1.5 pounds this month. But, I am fine with this weight loss. It is a loss, and that's the most important thing, that I am steadily getting lighter and healthier. It's been way worth it. And I love this life style.

Planning our meals for the trip I would have probably had to do any way, because we don't have the money to eat out. I just got to make it healthier cause of my new life style. So the life style in it self did not make vacation harder. Most the time I have no temptations, so I am not expecting to have too many temptations, but Silver Dollar City does have some GREAT food, and probably the only place I will be tempted at all. But, like I said it's only the above three things, and funnel cakes, and grilled corn on the cob that I really really will be tempted on. But, I can have 3 of the 5 things that I crave with out falling off the health wagon, it will just make us fall of the budget wagon. lol I can have the succatash, corn on the cob, and turkey leg. I can have the other two things too, calico potatoes, and funnel cake but I don't want to waste my calories on very little bit of food that I would get for the calories in them.

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