October 21, 2016

Late Night Thoughts

It's late at night...I can't sleep. I need to be sleeping though, as I have a early morning and all day at a very large pumpkin patch in the morning. One that is more like a amusement park! I will be walking for HOURS! So I won't be doing my regular morning walk. But, I am sure I will get more then a hour of walking at the Patch!

Any way... I was really kind of wanting to buy some shirts for fall... but then got to thinking.... I AM losing weight... by next year they will be WAY too big for me. So decided to put it off til probably June or July next year, when if I am not at the goal I have set for myself, I will be VERY VERY close. And just going to be happy with the clothing I have. Which in reality I have plenty. Only problem is... I don't have much clothing left from my goal weight before... it's been lost in our moves and such. So I will have to acquire a new wardrobe from scratch. The one I have took me a few years cause I gained sooo much weight. I decided I know how I will build up my new one I will need... a few basics new from my favorite stores. And fill in with as much as I can from Goodwill, til I get enough I am not naked, or sloppy! lol And then gradually add til I have a NICE wardrobe I love. I must say, I have a wardrobe I adore at this point.. but at the same time.. I can't wait to look like I did before! I do not like the weight in my face especially. So very very much looking forward to the change. Although a little scared about having money to get the wardrobe I would like.. but excited too.

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Heather said...

Ack! I know the feeling. I am still hanging on to clothes from my big weight loss 5 years ago, even though a lot don't fit me. On the other hand, I have since acquired some bigger things I really love and will be a little sad to let go when they are too big.