October 19, 2016

I'm back!

Here I am back again!!!! This time I am buckling down and getting back to that person I used to be! I miss her and want her back!

As many of you can read here, I had lost 100 lbs a long time ago. And kept it off for nearly a decade. Miscarriages, and pregnancies, and moving half way across country left me apathetic and I let it go! In the meantime I gained back 65 lbs. When I had lost the 100 lbs,

I had put my type 1 diabetes into a honey moon, or remission if you will. But, last year, it came back with a vengeance and I lost 30 lbs in one month. So I hot footed it to my mom's office where blood test showed my diabetes was back. And of course I must be in DKA (Diabetic Keytone Acidosis). So I was put on insulin and medications and since then I gained 15 lbs...

I went to Silver Dollar City the first weekend of October for a homeschool weekend. We did the educational cave tour. And I thought I would die!!!! I had done this cave tour probably like 2003 or 2004... and did just fine. It wasn't hard at all... This time.. oh my goodness! It was 600 stairs, plus many many ramps down... and then 100 stairs straight up. When I did this before it wasn't even hard! This time, I was huffing and puffing and not a happy girl!!! So I came home and said this is it! I am tired of being miserable and not able to do the things I used to be able to do!

So that Tuesday my first day back home... I got up and started walking a hour a day, and watching my calories and trying to schedule my food again-breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack. Cause that worked very very well for me. And also helped my diabetes so much! So here's hoping to that coming back again!

I also won't lie. When I was at my healthiest, I didn't drink pop or anything but water and tea at all! But, when I am pregnant, I crave soda pop! With Lela I ignored it. After my miscarriage though... every pregnancy I just went ahead and caved and said who cares. So then I got to where I was drinking a LOT of soda pop. Since I came back from Branson, I have stopped buying soda pop. I do still drink it out to eat sometimes. But, no more in my house. Water from this point on. And hoping I get to the point, I don't like soda pop any more. I know that will contribute a lot to how healthy and happy I feel!

October 1, 2016 Silver Dollar City Homeschool Weekend

Summer 2005 Silver Dollar City
I want back to this!

Here's my stats:
Starting Weight: 200
Last Weigh In: 193.5
This Week: 191
Goal Weight: 159-162-Healthy and Happy!

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