September 2, 2004

Last week I turtled and stayed the same. It seems my weight loss is going painfully slow. But, at least it's going! This week, I lost a half a pound. So I'll take it!!!!!!

I go to Hoot Camp next week! I can't believe it. Next week I will be in Beverly Hills! Exciting.

And I can't beleive it. But, I'm almost as excited about a new Joanna Lund Recipe I found. Million Dollar Coconut Pie is what she calls it. BUT, I know it as Furr's Cafeteria, Millionaire Pie. It was almost my families very favorite! They would buy it for every big occassion. I made Joannas sugar free, low fat, low calorie version today, and it's PERFECT! It's exactly the same. I just can't beleive it. I LOVE it. This will be a recipe I use often! mmmm

Click here to try recipe: Million Dollar Coconut Pie

So here's my new stats:

Starting Weight: 252
Last Week: 186
This Week: 185.5
Goal Weight: 100

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