August 5, 2004

I was so happy this week, I was jumping up and down when I got off the scale. I lost a whopping 1.5 pounds this week. That is awesome for me. I am so happy. It's coming off again! I can't wait till it is all off. But, I am so happy it is coming off like it is!

Highest Weight 252
Starting Weight(May 5th 2003) 252
Starting Weight for 2004 216.5
Last Week 188.5
Current Weight 187
Long Term Goal Weight 100
Goal Weight for Dec. 31st 2004 164
Total loss for 2003 35.5 pounds

Well, I for sure get to go to Richard Simmons Hoot Camp in Beverly Hills! I just love that. I can't wait to go! I think it will be a blast. I hope I get to go to Hoot Camp 2. I would also love to go on a Cruise some day with him. Maybe I will get to go some day. I am still in shock that I actually get to go to Hoot Camp! lol :)


Deanna said...

Your doing GREAT Heather!! Keep up the good work! :)

MagnoliaWhisper said...

Thanks Deannna! :)