March 12, 2005

I forgot to weigh in last week. But, no matter, I stayed the same last week and this week!

I am not discouraged by my lack of weight loss. But, I am concerned. I will be going to my Diabetic Dr, next month to be reevaluated, and see if she will discontinue my insulin completely. I will bring up to her, I want to have my thyroid checked. From the beginning of this journey I have lost very very slowly. I know slow is good, but my speed is not even what is in the average slowness. So if I do have thyroidproblems it would be good to know, and be able to work on that. In one way, I sure don't want to have more problems. But, in another way I kind of hope that is the problem cause at least I would know why my body is this slow.

I will continue to exercise and eat healthy no matter what though. It will just take me much longer then I had figured. But, that's ok, cause I am healthier now then I have ever been. And I am happier now then ever. So no matter how long it takes, it takes. And life will go on, and I will continue to live healthy. And eventually my body will have to give in, and give up the fat! lol :)

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Retta said...

You have done an amazing job Heather.
You most probably know this already but have you upped your time at regular intervals when you exercise eg start with 10mins a day and then after a month or so (or when you feel ready) go upto 15mins and so on. Sometimes our bodies get used to what we do and then it doesn't lose the weight as fast. But I also think you should go ahead and try to rule out your thyroid being a cause as well. ((hugs))