October 21, 2004

Well, here I am and happy too!!!!!!!!!

Whoo whoo!

Here's the stats:
Starting Weight: 252
Last Week: 181.5
This Week: 178.5
Goal Weight: 100
Dec. 31st Goal: 164

I lost 3 pounds! uh huh, uh huh, uh huh! lol I'm doing the happy dance now! lol hahaha

I broke into the 170's and I am happy!!!!!!!!

I think the lightest I have ever weighed as a adult was around 175, so when I get to 170, I know I will be the lightest I ever have been as a adult. Plus when I reach 176, I will be half way to goal!!!!!!!! Oh happy day! Oh happy day! This next ten pounds will have a lot of meaning! 162, is what I weighed as freshman in high school at 14 years old. So that's another big goal I can't wait to get to. Then the next after that is 125, what I weighed in 7th grade. Then..... I don't know. But, those are my major milestones. And I'm finally with in reaching distance of some of them! I can almost touch them!

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Deanna said...

I'm so happy for you Heather!!! Keep up the good work!