October 7, 2004

I'm proud to say I've lost! I lost one and a half pounds this week! Oh yeah!

Here's the stats:
Starting Weight: 252
Last Week: 182
This Week: 180.5
Goal Weight: 100

Here's some pictures from Hootcamp!

Richard posing for me! With Elijah in the back ground.

Richard and I. It's a little blurry though.

This is a group picture in front of Richards home. I should have gotten more picture of me inside. But, all the pictures of me inside are blurry.


Heather in SC said...

Heatherrrrrrrr.......OH WOW..... You have got to know I am so excited to see your pictures with RS. You know I think he is just great. Is he really like that in person? And I read about Elijah in RS' biography too. Neat to see him as well. What else can you tell us??? I will post to JWLW and tell everyone to check this out.

Oh, yeah,

heather in sc

MagnoliaWhisper said...

Thanks Heather! :) It was a lot of fun. And yes he is the same in person. Although he was pretty serious at the school. He is normally I hear a lot more joking, and funny. But, still I could tell he cared. He was being serious, cause it was a serious time.


Anonymous said...

Heather, Congrats on your continuing success of weight loss. This is Debby in H2Otown, TN in JWLW.....I'm still waiting on your reply for the return of my money. Would you please take care of this ASAP. 10 months is a LONG time. Thanks, Debby in H2Otown.....my email is happilyeverafter02@yahoo.com You should still have my address. Thanks again.