July 22, 2004

Well, here it is weigh in time again. Last weekend I went down to 188.5. But, now I am back up to 189.5. I really don't know what is going on. But, at least I finally busted that 190 mark! Hopefully next week will be more of a loss. I am going to try really hard this week. I've been exercising, exercising, exercising! lol :) My only day off will be Saturday, cause I don't want to sweat before meeting, and usually by the time I get home, I feel too tired to do a work out, so I won't sweat on Saturday and I will just let that be my day off.

I called my dad today. I have been trying to reach him for 3 weeks, and started getting worried. The first week, I thought ok he's on vacation, second week, I thought ok a long vacation, the third week, I decided I better just call my step mom. So after tried to reach dad at home, and at work and still not at either place (three weeks of not being at work is not like him!), I called my step mothers office. Man is getting hold a doctor getting techy! lol I had to go through about 6 rounds of dial this number for this, and that number for that! lol And go online to this website or that. I feel sorry for old people! lol Any way finally got to her, and she said dad was at a boy scout camp with my little brothers. Why this is in my weight loss journal, was I have been trying to get a hold of them to see if they would pay for me to go to Richard Simmons Hoot Camp. Which is a class on how to teach aerobics and nutrition. And I've already been given a job at Brookhaven Rehabilitation Center, to help the morbidly obese there (500 or more pounds). They are even going to bus me to and from work! On a private bus. I am really excited about the new job. And I thought this class would help me even more. Since Richard Simmons is the one who got me this job. But, I would have to take the class in Beverly Hills, and it's a expensive class, plus airfare and every thing. Well, she said they would pay, but she doesn't know that I need to go to Beverly Hills, I was trying to tell her every thing, but I was on a cell phone at the mall, at the dentist office with my MIL. And we started shorting out. GRR cell phones! So they may not pay once they know EVERY THING! But, I hope they will. I won't hold them to it though, since they don't know I need airfare, a hotel and the class tuition. lol But, it is a college course, and I will be licensed to teach aerobics and nutrition once I take the course and pass the written and in action tests. I will be licensed to teach any where in the USA. So I think that will be a neat class. Next, I want to take a course to teach water aerobics. But, I just hope I get to take this one. My dad had offered to pay for me to take some classes a long time ago. But, there wasn't anything I really really wanted to take except psychology and I was a little afraid to take it at the time, or know what classes to pick. Now, I know exactly what I want to do.

I have always wanted to be a nurse, but after having so many back problems didn't think I would ever be able to. Now it looks like I may be able to be something simular to a nurse. And I also couldn't beleive that my transportation will be taken care of. I mean, I don't drive and don't really want to. I could take a city bus, but it takes forever on these busses. Takes me a hour to get to Curves on the bus, when it takes 30 mintues in the car. So any way, I couldn't believe it, when the director said, and if you need transportation we have our own busses that would take you to and from work. I was like oh yeah! Couldn't be better!

Any way other then this little platue I'm pretty happy!

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