July 9, 2005

I walked a lot this week, and I may just be off my platue. At least I certainly hope so! This week, I lost 1.5 pounds!!!!!!! I hope I lose this next week too, but it's doubtful as I have convention. But, I am sooooooo very happy about this 1.5 pounds, cause finally I am out of the 160's! Finally! And Finally I may be off my platue!

Here's my stats:
Starting Weight: 252
Last Weigh In: 160
This Week: 158.5
Goal Weight: 115
Dec. 31st Goal: 135


Jaclyn said...

Hey!!! WOW that's awesome you've lost sooo muc weight you go girl =) I saw your recent pics on your other blog, you look good!!! I was looking at your other pics but the last ones are from August 2004 u should update them ;)

I'm losing weight myself I'm down 18 pounds 21 more to go!! =) I have a blog at www.xanga.com/jlatina it's protected though. I also have one at www.jlatina.blogdrive. but I dont update that one anymore cuz no body was very commenting.

Keep up the great work!!! hehehehehe

Heather said...

Thanks Jaclyn, keep up your great work too! I will update my pics soon! Hopefully! lol haha