February 19, 2005

This week I stayed the same. But, I am ok with that. HEY I am down 85 pounds! I know the scale is now inching it self down. But, I am not worried about that. I know these 85 pounds down is making a tremendous difference in my life. And this is a life style change. Right now if I don't lose another pound, I have increased my health greatly. But, I also know if I just keep on keeping on with this life style, my body will gradually let go of this excess weight. It will have no choice. Plus in April my doctor says I may be coming off insulin all together! Which will help the weight loss as well. My hemoglobin A1C is non diabetic even. It's 5.1-5.4 For over a year now. 7-8 is good diabetic control. Under 6 is non diabetic. So I am way under non diabetic levels!

My stats:
Starting Weight: 252
Last Week: 167
This Week: 167
Goal Weight: 100
Dec. 31st Goal: 135


Deanna said...

Hey Heather! You never cease to amaze me! You always stay so motivated even though things don't go so fast, but that's great because the weight loss will be permanent, and it definately has a great benefit on your health. I'm curious what you are eating each day to help you lose weight...it would be cool to see a sort of sample menu of your day! I've been low carbing for a long time, and I'm sick of it. Keep on doing what you are doing, your doing so great!!! *hugs*

MagnoliaWhisper said...

Thanks Deanna, I think you would be shocked at all the food I eat, and the vareity!

I eat all kinds of foods! Mainly JoAnna Lund recipes though.

Here's a quick run down,

Blueberry Bran Vitamuffin-100 calories, 4gms of fiber! VERY tasty! 1/2 banana. David Rio Chia Tea-45 claories a cup, sugar free, with splenda

Snack: Miss merignue Sugar Free Cookies

Cracker Barrel- 1/2 Grilled Trout, House salad, 1 biscuit with apple butter, 1 serving cabbage.

Snack: A few more Miss Merignue cookies (we were on the road in upstate ny)

Other half of grilled trout, 2 more servings of cabbage, another House salad, 1 1/2 biscuits with apple butter. (left overs from Cracker Barrle)

Snack: Walmart Fat Free Cherry Yogurt-90 calories.

Light English Muffin-90 calories, 5 gms of fiber. 1 Tb pumpkin butter! YUM! 1/2 banana. Cup David Rio Orca spice chia.

Coconut Fireside Coffee (1 gm fiber, 62 calories)

Florentine Meatloaf-on my website.
A salad-lettuce, sweet beans, parm cheese, bacon bits, light ceaser dressing. (huge salad) Lemon Merignue Pie! (also on my website!)

1/2 banana

Outback Steak House-
Ceaser Salad, dressing on the side. (dipped into the dressing.) steamed mixed veggies, 3 lobster tails. About 1/3 loaf of the bread they bring out.

Missed my snack, cause we were gone! And dinner was a tad late.

Today, I will be having, probably the same breakfast as yesterday. For lunch will be the same as yesterdays lunch. And dinner will be A new kind of veggie meatloaf, salad, and blueberry pie. (all recipes on my site)

I don't eat a ton of salad, this week I'm into them. Usually though I eat a lot of grilled veggies, I do on my GF grill, in the kitchen.

Go to my site, I have eaten all the recipes on there, and basically unless we eat out, it's what I eat every day.